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Lady “E” is the newest class act to Hip Hop since Lauryn Hill. Her diverse talents in song writing, singing, and emceeing is well respected. Born and raised in Joliet “E” discovered a rare love for rap. Influenced by Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and Selena she embraced their skills labeling them her sisters in music. “E” recorded her first mixtape in 2001 “The Class Act”. The project was poorly recorded and received harsh criticism but that only drove “E” to improve. In 2005 she released another mixtape “The Class Of 2006” dedicated to her fellow classmates graduating from high school. In 2006 she linked up with local producer Shane Jackson to record a serious of well known Lady “E” songs; She can’t do it, Tight Dress, and Badd Chick. In early 2007 she joined a new indie label H.A.F Music which included En2rage, AJ Ryme, DoM J and Chandrika. She focused on a new and improved sound on her project “Real Face”. “E” improved her skills by giving her fans more of her emotionally. In 2008 she parted ways with H.A.F Music. In 2009 she launched a online talk show for local artist “Ease Dropping” partnered with AJ Ryme. She interviewed local and main stream artist. She is currently ready to drop “Thrill of the Chase” mixtape September 17, 2009. This feminist, role model, talk show host, rapper, singer, and model is a all in one special gift to Hip-Hop. “I want to make feel good music, music you can relate to and have fun playing. I’m not a thug misses or a stripper rapper I’m that girl in the middle. The girl in the middle never has her say until now. I respect my black sisters and it’s my duty to respect all people in my music. If you have a chance to speak to the world and influence them like every great person has you better say something worth hearing.”


Female Rap Video Of The Month Katie Got Bandz - Pop Out


R&B Video of the Month Kam - Killa Kam


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